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plastic injection molding

TEAM Rapid offers injection molding services for a production range of 

low to high volume to meet your on-demend needs.

¤ Rapid tooling and low volume injection molding of 50-10,000+ 

     parts for prototyping or small batch production.

¤ Bridge tooling and medium volume injection molding of 10,000-50,000+ 

     parts for market launching.

¤ Production tooling and high volume injection molding of 500,000+ 

     parts for mass production.

In these years, we have helped lots of customers to make their injection molded parts successfully.

Our Achievement


TEAM Rapid works with various types of molding for your low-volume needs

Clear Molding   Insert Molding   Over Molding   Thread Molding   Rubber Molding

     Clear Molding                        Insert Molding                         Over Molding                        Thread Molding                      Rubber Molding


¤  TEAM Rapid has being served lots of customers oversea in a wide board range of industries including medical device, consumer products,defence etc.

¤  With seeing a huge variety of products, we know how to work on every new project quickly at the appropriate mold design and injection parameters.

¤  With more than 10 years experience, we understand the context and differences in product development for each industries, giving us advantage in addressing the specific of customer needs.

Industries Served


Injection Molding Process

¤ Quality First - We guarentee every part is 100% inspected before shipment.

¤ Competitive Price - Reducing your costs at maximum via constent technical innovation.

¤ Fast Delivery - Injection Molded Parts shipped as little as 3 days.

¤ Excellent Services - We offer full services to meet your on-demand needs.


plastic injection molding       plastic injection molding service        low volume production        pre-production


Dupoint, Bayer, BASF, Sabic as well as lots of material agents are our long-term partners that we have cooperated with, we can  provide a material COC (Certificate of Conformity) as well as a RoHS report to show proof and guarantee that real resin is used.

The resins we commonly use: ABS, PP, PC, PC+ABS, PA, PA+GF, POM, PMMA, TPE.

Furthermore, you can choose the suitable resin based on the material’s properties, most resins can be sourced in our end.

Our Tolerance

our tolerance

The general tolerance we apply in injection parts is DIN 16901. If you need a tighter tolerance,

we always recommend that you present this information clearly at the quoting stage and also

  identify the critical and assembly dimensions first. Injection material, tooling structure, and the 

         part’s geometry are impacted on tolerance.  

Pantone Color

Part Coloring

Most colors in the Pantone code book are available for injection molded parts and we use this

book as our golden standard for matching color. Pigment, Master Batch and Pre-color are the

three general ways for color matching in the injection field.

Check out the differences among these 3 methods.

Post Finish

We offer a series of post finishing services for injection parts: Painting, Electroplating, Printing, Hot Stamping

Injection molding has always been one of our core services and our company has advanced injection molding equipments which can provide you the best rapid injection service. Please contact us at for more information.

We not only offer the rapid tooling service but also production mold service for a volume of up to 1 million.

What Our Customers Say

  • The parts arrived 1 hour ago (1 day before the FedEx due date! That was already a surprise). The parts are great and to your usual high standard. 

    Thanks a lot for getting this job done for me so quickly, and that you have exceeded your promise!!!

    ---Steve Hennessy, Mechanical Engineer
  • "Thanks! My customer was impressed of your milled parts. Also the customer of the PP part (1223166-003 Matrix Rev PA 4) they worked really good."
    ---Sharifi, Industry Designer
  • "These samples look great and I think that we've played it perfectly safe on the knob dimensions. I'm ready to move forward with production."
    ---Steve, Product Designer
  • "The other parts arrived yesterday and are still with our QC dept. I had a quick look at them and thought they looked very good. Thank you again for such a quick delivery."
    ---Tim, CEO
  • "What I really liked about your company was the engineering interface. Your power point design via email had so many opportunities so I was able to make the smallest changes to the design and the improvements were executed exactly as I desired. I never had that level of control before. Your prices were also very attractive."
    ---Dean, Project Manager
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