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Cheap Injection Molding

Cheap Injection Molding is important when budget is limited or just a low volume of injection molding production is needed. And when volume is high but end users need affordable parts, then cheap injection mold is necessary. Whether your volume is 100, 000 units or start from 10 units, you can get cheap injection molding.

You will need to spend more money when your parts are more complex. So, keep the part design as simple as possible is the most important step for cheap injection molding. Try to avoid the undercuts on the parts as they will add both tooling and molding production cost. Try to make the mold processes as less as possible. Remember that co-molding or over-molding is expensive although it seems good for bonding parts together. To save the injection molding cost, it is good to make two separate parts instead of making co-molding. And you may consider tapping the plastic parts manually by end users.

Try to use a regular part color like black instead of white or clear. Black is a normal color is widely used in many plastic housing. If you need white or clear color, the injection molding manufacturers have to use more reins to clean machines to avoid leftover colors. And black spots will need to be avoided when a cleaner injection condition is required.

An unsure mold life will make the injection molding not cost-effective as the mold maker will use a long mold life in case you need an increasing volume in the future. So let the mold maker to know the mold life is a way to reduce the cost.

With labor advantages, China injection molding manufacturers is mostly competitive on pricing. But in the case of you need small run of several parts, China injection molding is not cheap as they may use aluminum molds. And the shipping cost will be added also.

The process of injection molding may not cheaper than you think. Using other process like 3D printing, CNC machining etc for some parts may be more cost-effective. Cheap injection molding is necessary if you us it right. At TEAM Rapid, our professional team how to get it correct. We will help to save your money for your project. For more information, contact us at [email protected] today!

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