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Benefit from Low Volume Manufacturing

24 May , 2018    Views: 34

  What are you supposed to do when you are facing with tight time frame project? Shifting your mindset from the traditional domain of high volume manufacturing to low volume manufacturing would be the best solution. Yes, traditionally high volume manufacturing was much more economical choice, but you may frustrate on it deliver on speed, risk management, and quality...

How to Have My Design Manufactured When CAD Ready

22 May , 2018    Views: 35

  When you come up with some new designs, how can you start your project and get these designs manufactured. Here, we are going to talk about some points for kicking start your project.   1.  What would your products be made of? Usually, the different materials are machined by different processing, you can never ask a plastic manufacturer to...

Steel Selection Notes for Your Injection Molds

18 May , 2018    Views: 46

Steel Selection Notes for Your Injection Molds   A.  If your product needed in transparent and high-quality. There are requirements on steel’s hardness and polishing property. Such as molding corrosive and abrasive plastic like PVC, the heat treatment of mold steel need reach HRC 48~52 degrees. B.  Generally, for the Pre-hardened steel, it can’t be heat treatment again. If you need...

How to Avoid Voids and Bubbles in Injection Molding?

15 May , 2018    Views: 40

How to Avoid Voids and Bubbles in Injection Molding?   Injection molding involves injecting a melted polymer or resin into a cavity, the part forms after cooling. When there is air trapped in cavity, the part comes with voids, bubbles or even burning marks. How to avoid these defects?   Venting is a big deal! Good venting is helpful for producing good quality molded parts. Venting is a small gap...

New Enquiry for Mass Production

14 May , 2018    Views: 37

New Enquiry for Mass Production   “ Dear Sir or Madam,   We are looking for a producer of our threaded attachments.   They come in two diameters:   5mm diameter 3.4mm diameter A set consists of the following components:   1 male thread + 1 female end cap 1 female thread + 1 male end cap 2 key rings (1 key ring per cap) 2 silicone rings/ gaskets...

What are Some Cheap Ways for Prototyping you Parts?

11 May , 2018    Views: 59

What are Some Cheap Ways for Prototyping you Parts   For some cases, we just need some functional prototypes for verifying the design and test the products application. Of course, we want to get these prototypes at low cost, as there are no displaying requirements.   Here, we would like to recommend vacuum casting process, which is very suitable for low volume manufacturing, and it gives you...

What is A Reasonable Cost for A Plastic Injection Mold?

10 May , 2018    Views: 68

What is A Reasonable Cost for A Plastic Injection Mold? There are many factors involved in cost calculations. Here, we talk about some major factors:   1. The molded object’s size. 2. Cavity number of applicable. 3. Complexity of your part, ie., number of parts required in mold. 4. Mold life. 5. Mold steel and mold components. 6. Facilities...

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