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Excellent Plastic Injection Molding Machines to Make Your Parts Fast

Plastic Injection Molding Process is popular in plastic production industry. It is the best way to manufacture plastic parts in enormous and identical quantities. A plastic injection molding machine is also called an injection press. It is a machine that produces plastic products by injection molding process. A plastic injection molding machine consists of an injection unit and a clamping unit.


Plastic Injection Molding machines could be fastened in a horizontal or vertical position. Most of the machines are fastened in horizon. Machines which are fastened vertically allows the machines to take advantage of gravity. This machine is used in some applications like insert molding. Not all vertical machines need fastened mold. Way of fastening the tools to the platens is various. Depending on the product you are going to make and how the machines will affect on the product, there are many types of plastic injection molding machines available. Machines are classified by the type of driving system: hydraulic, electric, and hybrid.

In history, hydraulic process was the only option to molders until a Japanese company called Nissei Plastic Industrial Co., LTD introduced the first electric injection molding machines in 1980s. Hydraulic machines are not nearly as precise, the offer various benefits. Compared to its alternatives, the cost of hydraulic machine is lower. And the replacement parts are cheaper and easier to find. Hydraulic parts of the machines are durable, they are built to last. Clamping force of hydraulic molding machines is exceptional.

Electric mold machines were available in the 1980s. Electric injection molding machines are energy efficient. There is no old used which means consumable expenses are lower. Electric injection molding machines are controlled digitally, the whole process is repeatable and does not request supervision. It is an ideal and useful machine when producing medical parts as these parts should be built in a clean area.

Hybrid Injection Molding machines offer a new degree of flexible design. It combines electric molders’ energy savin and hydraulic unit’s force-generating capacity. Compared to hydraulic and electric molding machines, hybrid injection molding machines need less maintenance and experience less downtime and also an affordable option as well.

Every plastic injection molding machines benefit is defined referring by the main feature needed for process and the products being built. At TEAM Rapid, we specialized to create and prefect customers’ unique parts. Contact us at [email protected] today for your next projects.

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