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Top 5 Popular Material Used in Creating Prototypes

20 Feb , 2019    Views: 38

Top 5 Popular Material Used in Creating Prototypes   Choosing a suitable material by rapid prototyping service to verify your design is the most important step you need to take into considerations. Here, we are going to talk about the top 5 popular material we used in creating rapid prototypes.   Nylon   Due to the good mechanical property, Nylon can be used to create gear parts and some...

Advantages of Plastic Injection Molding Services

13 Feb , 2019    Views: 83

Advantages of Plastic Injection Molding Services   Plastic injection molding is applied in manufacturing components range from low volume to mass production base on the design offered by the customers. It is reliable on quality and accuracy.   The process starts with mold design by engineers for production or some other functional test purpose. Toolmaker starts to create the mold which made out...

What is rapid prototyping 3d printing?

01 Feb , 2019    Views: 30

Rapid prototyping systems emerged in 1987 with the introduction of stereo lithography technology, a process that solidifies the liquid polymer layers sensitive to ultraviolet light with laser technology. In the following years, other rapid prototyping technologies were introduced, such as: Deposition Fusion Modeling (FDM), Selective Laser Sintering and Laminated Objects Manufacturing....

Some Guides for Buying Molds from China

23 Jan , 2019    Views: 107

  If you have a new designs needed to be imported, and you need injection mold manufactured from China. It is necessary for you to learn about how to order the injection mold as well as the ownership of the mold, payment terms and much more.   When do you need a custom mold?   You will need an injection mold when you intend to create a custom...

Team RAPID - your best rapid prototype parts supplier

21 Jan , 2019    Views: 32

Team RAPID  - your best rapid prototype parts supplier Basically, the rapid prototyping is the method which is used to make three dimensional models which do not need any tooling or machining. This prototype makes use of the cutting edge technology which allows an object to be fashioned by adding the material layer until the preferred shape is achieved. This process is used as a substitute for building prototypes by...

Universal Mold Construction Commentary

16 Jan , 2019    Views: 78

  In the plastic industry, there are many types of molds. Generally, we can divide them in 3 big sections.   1. Two plate mold When opening the mold after ejection, we can tell the mold in two parts core side and cavity side easily. The mold has only one parting line, and product parting line located between core side and cavity side. Look at the picture...

3 Popular Methods to Craft Low Volume Production Runs

11 Jan , 2019    Views: 74

3 Popular Methods to Craft Low Volume Production Runs   Not every item needs a large volume. Some pieces just need small volume run to test or launch the market, it all depends on the needs. For the low volume production, if we use traditional manufacture method, it will raise the investing costs. Here, we are going to talk about 3 popular manufacturing methods to craft low volume production...

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