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Why Do We Use Rapid Prototyping?

16 Apr , 2019    Views: 20

The prototyping refers to a system development method in which a prototype is built, tested, and then reworked as necessary until an acceptable prototype is finally achieved from which the complete system or product can now be developed. It really works better in scenarios where not all of the project requirements are known in detail ahead of time. It is like an iterative, trial and error...

Rapid Tooling and Small Volume Production

09 Apr , 2019    Views: 73

  Rapid tooling is a technology allows you to run small to large volume production. By combing rapid prototyping and conventional tooling method, we can use rapid tooling process to run prototypes for small volume production.   Importance of Rapid tooling in low volume manufacturing If you need some parts in realities or engineering material, rapid...

What Should I Do When My Prototype Doesn’t Work?

26 Mar , 2019    Views: 118

  Bringing a great idea to reality means you need to take a number of works starts from 3D model building to prototype manufacturing then functional verification. If the idea can’t go through prototyping stage, the product/idea has no chances to present and show in public, which means your product can’t launch the market.   Here, we are...

What You Should Consider Before Starting Molding Project?

14 Mar , 2019    Views: 121

What You Should Consider Before Starting Molding Project?   Looking for plastic injection molding manufacturer is one of the topics you need to take into consideration when starts the project. Sometimes, we found difficulty to push the project move forward smoothly. Optimizing the design base on manufacturing method can reduce hard facts of getting good products. Finding a good manufacturer would be critical. ...

Rapid prototyping company helps create 3D model

11 Mar , 2019    Views: 54

The most modern cutting equipment as well as specialized CAD / CAM software, specialists are able to design and manufacture prototypes of each part or product. Advanced technology combined with great practical knowledge and an individual approach to each project allows us to offer you the production of prototypes, parts, sub assemblies or new products. Rapid Prototyping gives...

Using a Fixture Plate to Smooth Your CNC Machining

08 Mar , 2019    Views: 67

Using a Fixture Plate to Smooth Your CNC Machining   Many people think that CNC machining service is flexible and easy to apply in manufacturing industry. But not many customers have clear ideas about how CNC machining process. They even don’t know how much details go into holding the work piece. Typically, it relates on the application of fixture plate.   Here are some of noticeable benefits...

What Should I Consider between Rapid Prototyping Techniques

27 Feb , 2019    Views: 152

What Should I Consider between Rapid Prototyping Techniques   Rapid prototyping techniques consists of different processes include 3D printing, CNC machining, vacuum casting, rapid tooling and molding. They suitable for low volume manufacturing, but they will cost differently for same part. We are going to talk about our considerations to help you find our way through their specifications and to make a best choice...

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