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Benefits of Low Volume Manufacturing

17 Oct , 2019    Views: 16

There is no difference between a prototype and a rapid prototype. A prototype is nothing but a model/design which comes out in a form of CAD design. A rapid prototype is a process of fabricating the prototype. A prototype is a design which will help the engineers and the builders to understand the layout more quickly. Within 2-8 days the prototype can be done. Prototyping determines your best...

How is the Different between Die Casting and Other Casting?

12 Oct , 2019    Views: 46

How is the Different between Die Casting and Other Casting? Pressure die casting is widely used in manufacturing customized parts in metal. This is a great process which offers many metal parts in different shape ranges from easy to complex. The rigidity, look and feel of solid metal. Documented fatigue strength characteristics, excellent sound damping properties, inherent EMI shielding for...

Benefits of using iInjection mold tooling for manufacturing

30 Sep , 2019    Views: 66

Benefits of using injection mold tooling for manufacturing Injection mold is one of the manufacturing methods for producing large volume parts. It is mostly used in mass production processes. One of the main benefits of injection molding is that it has the ability to scale production. The injection mold manufacturing is very low when compared to others. All molded parts are used in many industries such...

Some Standard Features in Injection Molding Design

27 Sep , 2019    Views: 41

Some Standard Features in Injection Molding Design Plastic injection molding is widely used in making plastic parts. A good product design such as less undercuts, neat parting lines, less shut off areas etc, which can greatly helped in cutting down the tooling and molding costs. Here, we are going to talk about some standard features in injection molding design, hope they can help you to optimize your product...

Services at TEAM Rapid

20 Sep , 2019    Views: 65

  We got several enquires from new customers these days. They questioned about our services and marketing. In order to avoid confuses, here, we are going to talk about the .   Our services as following: 1. Plastic mould making. 2. Precision mould, over molding, Prototyping, die casting and CNC machining solutions. 3. Plastic, rubber...

Why TEAM Rapid?

11 Sep , 2019    Views: 73

  TEAM Rapid is a long standing company focuses upon quality, service and reliability.   Products and Services include: 1,Custom injection molding service and injection items such as case, enclosure, trays and fillers 2,Packaging services including clamshell packaging/sealing, blister packaging, poly bagging, over wrapping / shrink filming, kitting, contract...

Benefits of Injection Molding Process

05 Sep , 2019    Views: 59

  Are you looking for a suitable process to make your parts quickly and economically? Here we are going to talk about the .   1.   Plastic injection molding is a precise way to low to any volume manufacture, especially for the mass production. It can nearly fabricate any type of plastic parts in...

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