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Some Common Processes to Produce Metal Parts

13 Aug , 2019    Views: 62

Some Common Processes to Produce Metal Parts   The metal parts typically costs higher than plastic parts. The deviation can be a little higher or a lot higher depends on the process used. Here are some processes to manufacture metal parts.   Sheet metal fabrication: depending on the mold’s structure, we can make sheet metal molds in quick and cheap way. Due to sheet metal has better strengthen and good...

Why Should I Have Venting on My Mold?

09 Aug , 2019    Views: 69

  In injection molding process, the air trapped in the mold cavity needed to be discharged. If the air can’t be discharged completely, it will potentially cause incomplete filling or even burning on the molded part. This is the reason we need venting on the injection mold, and how to set the venting and how many venting directly bears on the part’s...

Why is rapid tooling technology important?

08 Aug , 2019    Views: 51

Nowadays, nearly more than thousands of projects are successfully running with the help of rapid tooling technology. And also, prototyping is the best way of getting timely projects to get huge success. In order to get support for your development needs, then make use of rapid tooling technology to the maximum. With the help of latest and advanced technology system, you can easily...

The Purpose of Choosing Rapid Prototype Tooling Service

08 Aug , 2019    Views: 41

Most manufacturers feel daunting when comes to meet clients required dimension. Though you have experts in your industry it’s very hard to get the clients expected design and bringing it on the product. That’s why most company choose Rapid Prototype Tooling to result out ideal product design. Not alone manufacturing industries engineers and some other specialist...

4 Factors Affect the Cost of Your CNC Parts

06 Aug , 2019    Views: 50

  How to reduce the costs of CNC machined parts is an important topic for the designer and investors. Especially for the large volume production, if you can reduce the cost a little bit on each part, it can save you a vast sum of funds, and you can do something else by this money. Here, we are going to talk about the 4 factors affect the cost of CNC parts. ...

How to Avoid Al Die Casting Defects

02 Aug , 2019    Views: 63

  We always bear in mind how to avoid die casting defects when you have Al parts to be casted. The less defects means the higher production efficiency and less costs. Here, we are going to talk about how to avoid die casting defects on Al parts.   Gas porosity: We can’t stop the gas porosities, but we can eliminate it by optimizing the mold design and...

Advantages of Rapid Tooling-Low cost for small volume productio

30 Jul , 2019    Views: 61

Advantages of Rapid Tooling-Low cost for small volume production   Are you looking for a method that can make your small volume plastic parts at low cost? Here, we are going to talk about the rapid tooling method which is good for low volume production. And we are going to talk about the advantages of this method.   1.   Comparing with the traditional tooling, Rapid Tooling is the...

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