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Professional Zinc Die Casting Manufacturer from China

02 Mar , 2021    Views: 7

Professional Zinc Die Casting Manufacturer from China TEAM Rapid, as a reliable China die casting company, we manufacture zinc die casting part with high quality. Our zinc die casting surface includes powder coating, e-coating, chrome plating, bright finish, shot blasting etc. We have served a board range of industries which includes aerospace, automotive, machinery, medical, mining, electrical, energy, foot dairy,...

CNC Prototype Machining

26 Feb , 2021    Views: 25

CNC machining is a manufacturing process that computer inputs controls machining tools including drill and lathes. CNC machining is widely used in many industries for prototypes or the end-parts. CNC machining is able to build parts with high accuracy, high quality and excellent finish. CNC Machining process begins with a 3D CAD file. A computer translates the 3D CAD file...

Aluminum High-pressure Die Casting

25 Feb , 2021    Views: 28

High pressure die casting is a fully automatic, high productivity, large volume process to build complex part. It is able to manufacture part in different weights ranging from a few grams to over 15kgs. In the past, high pressure die casting is used in housing product production. But this has been changed. High pressure die casting is competitive for automotive applications. It is...

Custom Plastic Injection Molding

24 Feb , 2021    Views: 34

  Plastic injection molding process helps when it comes to build complex parts in high volume. Plastic injection molding process offer high level of production and minimize the part unit cost.   TEAM Rapid, as a leading custom plastic injection molding manufacturer, we provide high quality plastic injection molding services at low cost. We got a reputation being the...

How to Choose The Right Prototype Companies

23 Feb , 2021    Views: 28

  Building a prototype is an important part in product development process. Understanding the types of prototypes and the services of prototype companies help to build prototypes. Types of Prototype Companies which turn sketch into physical prototypes include 3D printing companies, machine workshop, product development manufacturers and rapid prototyping services. This...

What Is Rapid Tooling

22 Feb , 2021    Views: 21

Rapid tooling is a process when traditional tooling and rapid prototyping techniques are combined using to build a mold fast. Compared to traditional manufacturing, rapid tooling process is a cheap and fast way to build parts of a model from CAD data. Rapid tooling is also a way to build injection molded parts. Injection Molding is used in rapid prototyping and high volume...

Why Plastic Injection Molding Service

20 Feb , 2021    Views: 33

  TEAM Rapid, as a leading plastic injection molding manufacturer, we specialized in plastic injection molded parts and tools manufacturing. We offer high quality Plastic Injection Molding Service in a tools and plastic parts in a wide variety of materials. With our over 10 years experiences, we ensure our parts and tools will meet and exceed customers’ expectations. If you want...

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