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Custom Made Plastic Parts

Plastic is one kind of material that made from different synthetic and semi-synthetic organic compounds. Most plastics are substantially cheaper by volume. If plastic is suitable for your projects, using plastic instead of metal will save your production cost. TEAM Rapid has been machining and molding customer made plastic parts for more than 10 years. We offer 100% quality guaranteed and no minimum order quantity needed. Upload your CAD file for a fast quote to begin your project!


The most commonly use plastic includes polypropylene, nylon, ABS, PVC, polycarbonate and more.

Acrylic is one of plastic that has high abrasion and chemical resistance. Compared to glass, acrylic is more flexible. Acrylic can transmit or filter ultraviolet light. Acrylic components are commonly used in functional and decorative applications.

ABS has high strength and toughness. It has good impact resistance and high heat resistance property.

Acetal which is also called delrin. It is easily to be machined. It has a high strength to weight ratio and good dimensional stability.

Polyethelyne is the most popular plastic. It is widely used in plastic bags, films, containers, bottles, and other commercial products.

Polypropylene is usually used in prosthetic devices, plating barrels, railroad crossing mechanisms, housewares. Polypropylene has a high melting point. It is impressive resistant to water, electricity, and acid.

PVC has high strength, impact resistance and toughness. It is commonly used in construction applications including window profiles, plumbing, flooring, wire insulation.

Nylon is one of the most common plastics used in commercial applications like parachutes, rope, guitar strings, sneakers, hygiene products, pipes etc.

Polycarbonate has high impact and heat resistance and it is often used in electrical insulation.

PTFE is durable and affordable. It is easily to be machined. It has low coefficient of friction and wears resistance property. Components made from PTFE are often used in mechanisms which rotate or slide.

TEAM Rapid is Custom Made Plastic Parts manufacturing experts. Our decades of plastic injection molding experiences will make your custom made plastic parts project goes smoothly and easily. No matter you need hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands custom made plastic parts, we will build the most cost-effective mold and use the most advanced process and process. Our experienced team of engineers make your custom plastic injection project consistently meet and even exceed your exception. Contact us at [email protected] today.

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