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Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturing

Plastic injection molding manufacturing is a process that injecting molten plastic material such as synthetic resins by high pressure and heat into a metal mold to build the designed plastic parts of customer shape. The mold is cooled and opened to release the solid plastic parts after the molten plastic is injected into the mold. Injection molding method is ideal for mass production of parts with complex shape. Injection molding process is as follows: clamping, injection, dwelling, cooling, molding, opening, removal of products.

Plastic injection molding a fast process to produce plastic parts in a wide range of industries like medical, aerospace, automobile, and toy industry. It allows to producing high volume of the same plastic parts in a short period of time. With injection molding, kinds of shaped parts with complex shapes can be continuously and quickly produced in high volumes. High quality plastic materials are able to withstand high temperatures so it can replace metal that are used in traditional production of plastics.

Injection molds are normally made from steel or aluminum. A small, single cavity injection mold cost around USD1,000 to USD5,000 normally. It is around more than USD80,000 for the large and complex molds. Actual mold cost depends on the part size, material, complexity and quantities. There are many types of plastic resin and additives which can be used in the injection molding process, this can be more flexible for both designers and manufacturers. Plastic products made from fiberglass filled material will wear down common mold. And molds which are made from hard tool steel can withstand injection molding with fiberglass filled materials. TEAM Rapid offer full plastic injection molding services, we know very well that injection mold cost is very important to successful projects. Contact us for a free quote.

TEAM Rapid, as one of the experienced Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturer, to make sure that end injection molded parts is high quality we are able to balance the requirements of the injection molding parts with the parameters of the process. We also able to control the temperature and pay high attention to the pressure of the mold clamps and the plastic is injected to avoid damage to the parts or the mold.

Injection molding is a key process in business, our team of expert technicians always ensure our customers get high quality and consistent plastic injection molding manufacturing parts around the world. Our hassle-free service will deliver your parts where and when you need them. For more information on injection molding or need support on your injection molding projects. Contact us at [email protected] today.

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