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Details Of CNC Processing Costs Calculation 2024

Compared to the traditional production method, CNC machining is a more advanced production process that you can use to manufacture hardware parts and components with better efficiency and accuracy. How big is the investment you need to put into your CNC production process? In this guide, we will look deeper into the CNC processing cost calculation in 2024, including all factors and skills involved in the CNC machining process.

CNC Processing Can Get Expensive

CNC machining is the production process that can provide you with more accuracy and precision for the hardware parts, components, and prototypes you are producing. You can also produce hardware parts and components in higher volumes with CNC machining, without worrying about production mistakes or defects. So, you can produce identical products with the same precision and accuracy, meaning that there will be more efficiency in your production.

However, with all the benefits of CNC machining comes the biggest disadvantage. The CNC machining process can get very expensive depending on the complexity of products you would like to manufacture, along with various other factors.

Various Factors that Will Add Up to Your CNC Processing Costs

Your CNC manufacturing process can get expensive because of various factors involved in the production activities. For instance, the materials you are using will determine the overall cost of your CNC process because some materials can be cheap or expensive, depending on the material quality you would like to get. Here are various factors that will add up to your CNC processing costs:

CNC Machining

CNC Processing Materials.

You can choose a wide range of materials for the CNC machining process, such as wood, metal, plastic, and others. Each material type will give you different costs, and each material type will also have their quality level, which will also differ in CNC machining cost. For instance, you can use various grades of aluminum materials, from the lowest to the highest grade. The higher the aluminum grade quality, the higher the purchasing cost for it.

Production quantity.

You can save money on the material purchase and production cost expenses when you produce more parts. So, the more production quantity you have in your CNC production process, the lower the costs will be. Bulk production will also give you the chance to improve your ROI.

Labor costs.

With CNC machining, you will need to hire some professionals to oversee, monitor, and operate the CNC machining equipment. There are plenty of labor costs you will need to pay for each production cycle, as you can’t just hire some new and inexperienced workers to handle the entire CNC machining process. Some aspects of the CNC machining process require professional skills, so you will need to pay a higher salary to your workers.

Waste management.

CNC machining is a subtractive process, meaning that you will generate plenty of production waste from the materials you subtract during this process. To keep the environment clean and healthy, you will need to deal with the waste materials as best as possible, which will require you to pay additional costs for the CNC waste management.

Design and prototype.

Designing for the rapid prototypes, parts, and sheet metalwork components you would like to produce with the CNC machining process will also take some time and costs to operate. Also, the rapid manufacturing process for your hardware parts will require you to hire some professional designers and CNC machining experts to create the hardware prototype and fix any design flaws you might come across.

Accuracy of the CNC Processing machined parts.

The more accurate and precise the machined parts you would like to produce, the longer and more tedious the CNC processing you will need to have. Of course, it will also give you some additional costs of manufacturing.

Power usage.

CNC machining is a power-intensive process, meaning that you will need to use a lot of electricity to go through the manufacturing process. Electricity is an ongoing cost you will need to pay during your production process, and it will add up to your CNC processing costs the more CNC machining equipment you have.

Human Labor Skills that Further Add to Your CNC Processing Costs

Aside from the material costs and other purchasing requirements, you also need to hire some workers to oversee the entire CNC machining process. Hiring new workers for your production line will add to more costs in your CNC processing. Here are the human labor skills you need to get in your CNC machining process:


You will need to hire a designer to help you with designing the hardware parts and creating the CNC prototyping design for your hardware parts and components. This includes fixing the hardware design when you find some flaws or mistakes in it.


You also need to hire a programmer to transfer your design into CNC operation codes. A programmer will help program the codes for the CNC machining equipment, so that it can follow the design you have created for it.

CNC Processing machining operator.

With CNC machining, you can’t leave the machine to work with full automation. You will need an operator to operate, monitor, and oversee the CNC machining process. The operator will also apply some changes to the CNC machining operation when necessary.

Quality control.

You will need to ensure that the hardware parts you are producing will be of high quality. You don’t want to get some defects in the hardware parts and components that you produce with the CNC machining process, and you expect them to work in their proper ways. This is the reason you need to hire some quality control staff to check the quality of each hardware part and component you produce with CNC machining.

Cleaners and other workers.

Also, there are other workers you need to hire, such as the ones responsible for cleaning your manufacturing area. You also need to hire security workers, packaging workers, and other workers that will make up your entire production line. All these workers will also add to your overall CNC processing costs.


With all the potential costs that you need to spend in the CNC machining process, it will become important for you to try saving more money on your production costs. You can cut costs in various aspects of your production, depending on your needs.

However, it’s important for you to keep the quality of the end products in mind. You want to keep the production costs down, while keeping also the high quality of the hardware parts and components you produce.

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