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TEAM Rapid

Injection Mold Making

At TEAM Rapid, our mold making room is well equipped to build custom injection molds. Our injections molds are made for customers all around the world. Our Injection Mold Making lead time is 25-35 days normally depends on the complexity of mold structure. Our mold making capacities and experiences include shuttle, insert mold, expandable and interchangeable mold, multiple slide action mold, stripper and floating cavity plate mold, hot runner system, unscrewing mold and die casting. We always pay high attention to making process to avoid mistake and rework which will significantly save cost and increase efficiency. Any inquire for custom injection molding is always welcome. Our over 10 years experience and knowledge enable us to offer the reasonable prices, best solution, high quality and fast turnaround. No matter you have large quality or just small volume demands, please come to us, our team of professional engineers is ready to help.

We offer excellence mold maintenance. Every injection mold is well organized to put on storage after molding production is completed. Core and cavity is covered by anti-rust spray, mold plate is clean without any mess. We will label each mold which is easily identified for next round orders. And we will record every change of parts and molds.

The choice of material aluminum or steel is a question about budget and the finished products. Injection molds made out of steel are expensive as they are only used for large volume production like thousands of units to be manufactured. Aluminum molds cost cheaper than traditional steel injection molds. High grade aluminum QC-7 or QC-10 used in advanced digital items which can produce thousands of parts. Aluminum molds provide quick cycles and fast turnaround. It will cost more to build a steel mold but steel mold has longer lifespan. High-grade tough steel for example H-13 and S-7 offer high durability and constant pressure which is good to plastic injection molding. Stainless steel injection molds are usually used for bigger components or clear parts. No matter customers want aluminum or steel mold, TEAM Rapid will use cutting-edge CNC machining and electrical machining to meet their specification exactly.

Our molds are made of high-quality mold metal. We monitor each process strictly to ensure the assembly accuracy. Our team will provide customers excellent service with best solutions to ensure timeline, cost and quality meet the needs of customers in an all-round way. For more information, contact us at [email protected] .

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