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Low Volume Injection Molding

There is fierce competition in the market so it is very important to get new custom products into market quickly than other competitor. Sometimes, it might be just a market-testing with a low volume about 100 parts to even less. Customers want those small volume parts to be customized by injection molding to meet their specified requirement, finish, function etc. In the past, a hardened steel injection mold usually requires a super high cost before you begin to produce a sample, and it will take several week around 8-13 weeks to finish. Undoubedtly, it is not a ideal way for new product developing at the early stage.

To help customers to launch their new product to the market successfully, we need to find a way to reduce injection molding cost and shorten the lead time. Then, low volume plastic injection molding is the ideal way. It means low cost, quick turn around, and cost effectively.

Low volume plastic molding need a mold starting with CDA design, and then CNC, ED, wire cut and polish etc like the hardened steel mold production. Low volume plastic injection mold sometimes refer to rapid tooling and prototype tooling. To get the lower cost, the mold uses lower grates steel or aluminum. The manufacture process is shortened  as the steel don’t have to be hardened, the workability of soft steel is also better than hardened steel, which make the processing is easier and faster.

Comparing to harden steel production mold, low volume plastic injection molding helps to save significant cost. And it Shorten lead time. It will take you around 2-3 week to get custom plastic parts. And the plastic parts quality made by low volume injection mold is as good as the one from harden steel production mold.

TEAM Rapid, as one of the reliable Plastic Injection Molding Companies, we are able to help you to shape custom plastic parts step by step with best solution. We provide plastic injection molding service and have a lot of experience in planning, product designing, manufacturing processes. Contact us at [email protected] for your low volume manufacturing needs.

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