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CNC Prototyping Service

To make sure the products we produce are standardized in terms of size, shape, dimension and quality, the first step in mass production is going to be prototyping. And one of the most common methods of prototyping is CNC prototyping.

CNC Prototyping Service

CNC prototyping is done via computer numerical control (CNC) prototyping. In the old days, it takes a lot of time to initial design and then build a physical prototype according to sketches. With the help of CNC prototyping, the whole process is simple because of digitally created designs and then transfer to 3D modeling systems. They do via CNC computer to execute pre-programmed commands. By using CNC prototyping, designers design new parts digitally and feed design and data into a CNC computer. And machine can take the design files from the CNC computer. Data can tell a laser cutter, 3D printer, or other CNC milling machines the precise movements they need to make to build the parts. CNC Prototyping can work with various of materials like wood, acrylics, foam, metal, and thermoplastics. So, it is helping automate production.

CNC rapid prototyping helps to speed up production efficiently. If you want rapidly produce prototypes, CNC machine can help to avoid human error and improve the efficiency of cuts. It helps to you to develop prototypes quicker. When the process of creating a prototype is done, parts made from that prototype can roll of the production line which is quick and cost-effective. So, it helps to cut the costs. 

The greatest benefit of rapid CNC prototyping is most of process is automated. With traditional metal fabrication, each step may require a single skilled work or a team. But by using the preprogrammed nature of CNC prototyping, you can tell a machine the shape and the precise metal fabrication techniques and movements you want. All of this makes the whole CNC machining process proceed more efficiently compared to traditional metal fabrication.

At TEAM Rapid, we are proud to be able to offer the best CNC Prototyping Service. Our team members carefully oversee the whole design, programming, and fabrication process, and make sure that every detail is perfect with a quick turn-around. We will work with our clients every step of the way to ensure that their needs are fully addressed, their design is perfect and the final product is delivered on time. For more information, please feel free to contact us at .

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