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What Metal Is the Cheapest, Strongest and Lightest?

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The cheapest metal is Iron, strongest natural metal is Tungsten, hardest metal is Chromium, and the lightest metal is Microlattice on earth. It depends on which of these properties are most important for your product’s application. Yes, you can consider about aluminum in some case that needs light and cheap metal but less strong.


There are various aluminum alloys which is used different in industries, such as:


6061 & 7005 aluminum alloys are used in cycling frame and relevant components


6063 aluminum alloy can be used in aerospace parts as it has excellent corrosion resistance.


6111 & 2008 aluminum alloys are used commonly for making automotive body parts.


5052 & 5083 aluminum alloys can be used in marine parts.


For building your rapid prototype, if there are no special requirements such as corrosion resistance, high toughness, wearable, we always suggest our customers to go ahead with Al 6061.It is considerably light and cheap, and would be enough for verifying your design and test the products application.


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