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Questions about Tooling Process

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Tooling process is an important part of the manufacturing process. Corrected and good tooling way can help you not only in saving tooling cost but also in shortening lead-time. Here, we are going to address some common questions such as what it is, why it important and what it costs.


What is Tooling Process?


Tooling is the process which is purposed for better and higher efficiency production. Tooling can be separated into different catalogues. Injection mold tooling, die casting tool, stamping tool are the most common tooling for low to high volume production. Also, work holding tooling such as fixtures and jigs that are assisted on manufacturing.


Why is tooling important?


The quality of tooling always bears on the final part’s manufacturing. For the product mold tool, it is purposed for volume runs Molding, the molded part depends on the precision and characteristics of the tooling. So tooling is a critical factor which relates on the part’s quality.


What should tooling usually cost?


The Tooling Cost will change from project to project depends on many variables such as quantities, tool material, finish, structure etc. The tooling cost now is transparent, with the developing of technology, the cost for tooling is low now, you may buy mold or tooling in China, which should be less expensive than other countries. At TEAM Rapid, the tooling starts at 700 USD.


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