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FAQ from New Customers


In the past June, we received some FAQ from our new customers. Here, we are going to share the questions and answers, hope it can help the new coming customers to learn more about us.

Injection Molding


The questions we received:




I have a few questions about your injection molding process. If you could please respond with the answers to the below questions so we could move forward together that would be appreciated! 

Do you have engineers to help with creating injection molding tools from solid models?

How long does your tooling process take?

How many samples do you run in your first shot for FFF (Form, Fit & Function) testing?

What types of plastics do you work with mostly? Do you also use glass filled resins?

Looking forward to hearing back.





The answers for customer:


Hello Leanis,


Thank you for contacting us J

 For your questions, please see my replies below.

 1.  Yes, we have engineers to help with creating injection molding tools from   solid models. Some of our ongoing projects are worked under this way.

2.   It depends on the mold’s structure. Most of our molds were built within 18 calendar days.

3.  We usually provide 5 free samples for customer verification. If you need more samples, please let us know at the beginning, we will do our best to meet your needs.

4.  ABS, PC, PC/ABS, POM, PP, TPE, Nylon, Nylon+GF, all these are plastic we work with mostly.

 Yes, we use glass filled resins, such as Nylon + 33%GF, 40%GF etc.

Any more question, please feel free to let me know.

Best Regards



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